Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Mother of Four Must Go to Jail For Non-Participation at School Event

The comments beneath this article point out that the treatment of non-Christians, such as Muslims, is unequal when it comes to similar objections from parents. Muslims who object to their daughters participating in school events like swimming and sex education are not held to the same rule of law as Christians.

Salzkotten [] A Russian-German Christian must go to to jail, because she kept one of her children from a School event and had not paid the outstanding fee for it.

The mother of four children was brought from Salzkotten by Paderborn to the Bielfield Correctional Facility. They will remain five days in incarceration. One of her children did not participate in a theater even of the Catholic Liborius Grade School.This was, in any case, compulsory.

The parents founded their negative attitude toward the performance because of their beliefs. [The play apparently deals with sexual "enlightenment" or education] The participation is not compatible with her religious convictions. Already in a previous performance the parents had written the District Attorney's Office to explain their stance: The payment of a fee expected by you would challenge our personal convictions.

"For this reason our incarceration will not move us to pay a fee, of which we are, in so far as it applies to German law, not guilty." Most recently the cases where parents from the region have for reasons of avoiding school and non-payment of fees have been incarcerated have increased.

The effected children all go to the same school. First at the beginning of August a Father of twelve children was arrested for a total of forty days.

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  1. I would tell the judge to go F*&# himself!!!!