Monday, September 27, 2010

Match Between Pope Benedict and Boris Becker

Editor: Wow, Radio Vatican is kind of, well, mean.

In Rome there is no acknowledgment of an audience with tennis pro Boris Becker.

[] In Rome there is no acknowledgment for an audience with Pope Benedict for Boris Becker, according to 'Radio Vatican'. In the German media a few days ago corresponding reports were made. Becker had proposed that he wanted to discuss "Abuse and Contraception" with the Pope. The Praefecture of the Papal house explained that Becker's request for a ticket for the first row are meant for a seat in the first row of a general audience. This has become, in any case, somewhat negative. "Radio Vatican" says that visitors in the first row after the audience have an opportunity to exchange a few words with the Head of the Church. "Private Audiences" where one meets the Pope face to face are reserved in any case for important personages of the Church, politics and public life.

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