Saturday, September 25, 2010

The German Bishops are Daydreaming: Dragging Their Feet

The decadent German Church once again finds itself on the crossroads: will the Bishops finally obey the Pope or will they regard him as a fool?

[, Fulda] Today the President of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, held the findings of the complete assembly of the Bishops Conference, which took place this week in Fulda.

A press text from the website of the German Bishops Conference was published.

The Bishops turn everything to sex

According to the Bishops, future dialogue will be directed to the supposedly "bulky themes".

As an example, they will address the relentless journalist litany of sex, priest sex and the dispensing of sacraments for adulterers.

So that the empty sex-chatter won't come to an early end, so should an actual "dialogue initiative" of the Diocese and Parishes take place.

one of the "many" Episcopal chattering cooperating partner is according to reports from the press text of the Anti-Catholic lay association 'Central Committee of German Catholics'.

A long point of the press conference occupied itself further with the the abuse product which sells itself, with which the Bishops get taken for a ride.

One of the proposed measures for the future is the internet site ''.

Attended by the wrong man

On the catch phrase "Mission to the Jews" the press release made clear that Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz in connection with the bishops Conference had worked a statement.

The text is not available on-line.

Cardinal Lehman has contradicted in the past the New Testament and promoted error that there is a path of sanctity for the Jews without Christ.

Celebration of the violations of 'Kirchentag'

The press release recalled then the Anti-Catholic 'Ecumenical Church Day' [A Lutheran Women-Bishop was honored there after her DUI conviction and resignation] in Munich.

The Bishops praised the godless event to the skies.

There isn't a single criticism of the 'Kirchentag' in the press release.

Now the new believers are conservative

The Liturgy, explained the press text, that the translation of the new Mass Book, which was published in the original Latin, is complete.

Now the Vatican must approve the translation.

The press release broke a lance for the old new Rite. The texts used now that are in full effect are trusted by the priests and people.

The Bishops did not want to endanger these values through a fundamentally new translation:

"The reception of the proposed Missal may be put in danger because of the translation of individual primary words or those translations which occur without necessity in the following translation of words that were till now expressed in good German text and replaced by strange uses." -- said the old liberal Bishops sounding like conservatives.

It is unclear if the Press text meant that "individual primary words" also meant "words of Consecration".

Poe Benedict XVI has tried to correct since November 2005 the previously used erroneous translation of "pro-multis" with "for all".

Up until now he has shown the Bishop's long noses.

A lot of time for nothing.

After the short point about the liturgy, the press release discussed the circumstantial cultural and social questions -- for example, environmentalism.

There was not a single syllable uttered about the very endangered unborn children lost in Germany.

Further points in the press release were Education and Schools, Science and Culture or the theme complex, "World Church".

The most interesting point regarding peronell is that Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke of Eichstatt will be a member of the Liturgy Commission. [Bishop Hanke is apparently quite liberal and was favored by a local liberal CSU politician in Eichstaet to succeed Bishop Mixa.

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