Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bishop Williamson to Appear in Court Against his Alleged Holocaust Denial Conviction.

Editor: is not friendly to Traditionalists very often, and their editors are almost invariably hostile to the FSSPX.One of the other news services had already covered the story in English, but is Catholic (and very reliable) and the other news service isn't, so we translated the article you see now.

Munich ( British Bishop Richard Williamson will stand before the court for the judgment he received from the Regensburg Court for sedition and "trivializing" the Holocaust. The appeal against the April fine of 10,000 Euro is set for the 29th of November. The speaker of the National Court of Regensburg, Johann Piendl, verified this for the German Catholic News Service, KNA. "I am pretty certain, that my client will participate", explained Williamson's attorney, Mattias Lossmann, on Thursday.

In April Williamson, who belongs to the Society of Pius X, which is not recognized by Rome [ just had to throw that in there], has been living in London and had not personally appeared at his trial. Representatives of the Society had ordered him not to come. According to Lossman's estimate this will not happen again, because the Society had "not captured any good press".[For not allowing him to appear]

The Bishop, not recognized anywhere in the world, had an interview with a Swedish TV-Station where he estimated the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust at 300,000 and doubted the existence of gas chambers. The interview happened at the end of 2008 at a priest seminar of the Society in the Bavarian town of Zaitzkofen.

The Regensburg court evaluated it as a fact that Williamson had denied the Holocaust on German soil and also trivialized it. The Judge saw this and accorded that the Bishop with the publication of his ideas in Germany and that with these he attested that he had appealed to Germans. Williamson's attorney, Lossmann will appeal to his client's free speech, that this "had been denied". After the judgment he filed an appeal. The State Prosecutor also did the same, which now seeks a penalty in the amount of 12,000 Euros.

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