Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bishop Fellay: If Bonifatius Had Followed the Spirit of Vatican II, There Would be No Catholics in Germany

Pius Believers are Unfortunately Not Anglicans

The Superior General of the Society of Pius X made the point: If Saint Bonifatius had followed the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, there wouldn't be any Catholics in Germany.

[, Fulda] On the past Sunday 1500 Traditionalists made a Pilgrimage to the grave of St. Bonifatius (+754) in Fulda.

It is the seventh national pilgrimage of the German District of the Society has undertaken to the tomb of the Saint.

The Pontifical Office was celebrated on Sunday by the General Superior of the Society of Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

He consecrated the entire German District and the whole Society to the Mother of God.

An article on the website '' complained that the Fulda Cathedral was closed to the Pilgrims.

The courtesy of the Bishops in Germany has failed.

Better Protestant than Catholic

In his sermon Msgr Fellay declared: "We are Catholics, we want to simply remain that way."

Today one makes the Society an object of reproach to show itself as Catholic. Therefore that is the reason why you were refused at the church.

The Old Liberal Bishop of Tarves and Lourdes in Southern France, Msgr Jacques Perrier (73), let Anglicans in the Church, the Society of Pius X, however, not.

For that reason he declared to the Society of Pius X: "You insist that you're Catholic"

Bishop Fellay concluded upon this, that the Society could celebrate in the Church, if they denied they were Catholic:

"A complete confusion. This contradiction is everywhere, the situation not simple. Confusion on all sides".

Critic of the Spirit of the Pastoral Council

The Society lives in the truth of that which the Church has always done -- says Msgr Fellay.

"If St. Bonifatius had followed the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council, there would be no Catholics in Germany."

Currently, they are abolishing the Church. They are dissolving it:

"She disappears in a religiosity without boarders, where one has now expressed, the modern Catholics are more protestantic than the Protestants."

In German, his talk at Fulda:


Unknown said...

The NO new catholic church is in such a lamentable state of liturgical, moral & financial chaos that its adherents are no longer able to justify the new pastoral and liturgical paradigms imposed on all Catholics in the late 1960s. These have led to an absolute decline in vocations to the new presbyterate; countless closures of churches, chapels and religious houses (many sold to finance litigious processes from clerical sexual predation)and there has been a commensurate decline in the theological literacy of most neo-catholics - a view substantiated by the church's own surveys.

Liberal modernism is at the very epicentre of this debacle and has entered the church at every level of its contremporary existence from the summit of the hierarchy to the ordinary layperson. This is reflected in what new catholics now believe as being "catholic" and how they practice this new model faith - belief that Catholicism is no longer the only means to salvation; that Christ is not really present in the host at Holy Communio but only symbolically; that we no longer need to go to Confession regularly; that women should able to become priests; that almost any new idea can be incorporated into the Sunday liturgy and so the sad litany goes on.

Bishop Fellay is correct in stating it would more likely win the admiration of new catholics & their hierarchy if SSPX were protestant; needed a mosque to pray in or wore saffron robes.

John said...

Um, if you must attempt to blame the error of today on the "Bad Old Second Vatican Council", it'd help if you'd have your facts straight. The errors the Society has constantly howled about tend to reflect a determined rejection of just authority. Beings the Society itself is a prime example of refusal to humbly accept authority, I find most of these arguments..ultimately hypocritical.

Pretend for a moment that Bishop Lefebvre et al hadn't essentially declared, "My way or the highway!". Had they humbly accepted the direction they received, no matter how foolish they felt it to be, could they have helped the church avoid large portions of the insanity we've seen?
I think so.
I've long felt it quite sad that these voices, however stubbornly traditional they might be, have been lost to the Church for no greater a reason than, essentially, arrogant pride.