Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Benedictine Monk Embraces Capitalism in New Book

Editor: Another weirdo who is a disciple of Karl Rahner SJ.

The Benedictine Monk writes in his newest book that Jesus wanted money for his talks -- a supposition which in any case lacks biblical support.

Munich ( P. Anselm Grün, the famous Benedictine Monk and spiritual writer, has represented in his latest book "God, Money and Conscience -- Monk and Manager in Discussion" seemingly crazy theses about "Jesus and Money". So he says, without biblical proof, that Jesus is supposed to have had charged money for his talks.

"Jesus had a purse", he said a few days ago at a book signing in Munich. That God and Money, Church and Commerce are not contradictory, is what Grun and Puma-Director Jochen Zeitz want to show in their new book.

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Anonymous said...

Another intellectual? Seems the Benedictines have a monopoly on intellectuals. Another trot- out of the same old intellectual rubbish. Yawn.