Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Algeria: Christian Fastbreakers are Threatened with Years of Incarceration

Two Algerian Christians were observed in the fast month of Ramadan as they drank water and are now going to stand before the court. They are threatened with 36 Months of confinement.

[] Two Christians from Algerian must answer to the court, because they were observed drinking water during the Islamic month of fast, according to "Spiegel".

On August 13th of this year the two, one 34 and the other 44 years old were apprehended at the construction site where they were working. During the Ramadan fast, they were observed drinking water. The Courts have introduced a charge of neglecting the State Religion, and the state prosecutor seeks 36 months of incarceration for both Christians.

The men are confident about what their trial will hold for them. "I don't regret anything, I am a Christian and I stand on that." With these words, both were cited in the "Spiegel". Countless local inhabitants and human rights advocates have protested against the charges of the courts. Mustapha Krim, Superior of the Protestant Church in Algeria, has taken the sides to protect the defendants against what he calls a "laughable" case. The Judgment is expected by "Spiegel" on October 5th.

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