Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'We Want to Be Reminded That Sometimes Sacrifice is Necessary'

The Bishops Ackermann and Genn have unveiled a memorial plaque for two Martyr Priest of the Nazi times -- they refused to give Hermann Goering the Hitler salute.

Nickenich/Wassenach (kath.net/Diocese of Trier) For two priests, who were brought to the concentration camp Dachau -- Johannes Schulz and Joseph Zilliken -- the Trier Bishop Stephan Ackerman and the Bishop of Muenster, Felix Genn, unveiled the commemorative plaque on Saturday.

The Nickenicher Priest Schulz and his colleague who was active in Wassenach had refused to give Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering the Hitler salute. They were imprisoned for this reason. Both died in 1942 in the concentration camp Dachau. The priests had already been under surveillance since the mid-thirties. The commemorative plaque is located at the Hotel Waldfrieden between Maria Laach and Wassenach.

Bishop Ackermann, who grew up in Nickenich, said, it is important, to remember and recall a culture, to continue working, in order to care for it and forge on. Finally, there are after 70 years following the event fewer and fewer witnesses, "to whom we can listen". He thanked those, who'd conceived the initiative, that now a commemorative plaque can recall the "Marytr Priests". The plaque does not disturb the charm of the place, which witnessed such "dramatic history" , rather it could be a way, that such things are prevented from happening again.

He and Bishop Genn were filled with gratitude in the unveiling and blessing of the tablet, that both priests had witnessed for the faith, said Ackermann. "We want to be reminded that moral courage, bravery and somtimes a readiness to sacrifice are necessary." The Wassenach native, Bishop Genn blessed the plaque after the unveiling.

At the beginning of the celebration, the Nickenicher Pastor Norbert Missong, alongside representatives of politics, Church and society as well as members of Pastor Schulz's family were greeted and he emphasized, that the 27th of May 1940 was an "essential moment of resistance." "Here the pastors had the courage to recognize, that man owes more duty to God than he owes to man." The commemorative plaque is a challenge to each individual, what he is ready to bring for the Faith.

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