Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Ridiculed Bishop Strikes Back: More Fallout From "Loveparade"

A well known Austrian Auxiliary bishop is not prepared to take the unjustifiable pummeling of the media bosses: Loveparade is not a "harmless celebration" -- If God "punishes", He does this with the intention to bring men around, God punishes out of love.

[, Salzburg] This Friday the Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg wrote a careful article about the Massacre-Loveparade in Duisburg.

The text appeared in the neo-Conservative Linz commercial website ''.

The in the meantime suspended, so-called Loveparade was the biggest alcohol, drug and sex event of Western Europe.

Msgr Laun stated from the start, that no one is in the position, to directly order God's punishment for a sin.

There is not a single person who can condemn the dead and point to that as God's punishment.

Quite independently from the sympathy with the victims the Bishop wrote about the "repellent image" of the horrific event.

God is not and Indifferent God

The Auxiliary Bishop emphasized the truism that God punishes sins -- and really "with the intention to bring people to repentance, God punishes out of love!"

"Can one believe in a punishing God? Contradiction: <>

Would not a God without this indifference be an <>, and therefore unrighteous God -- not really the God, in whom we believe?"

The Auxiliary Bishop described Hell not as the punishment of God, rather as the self-alienation of the sinner from eternal Holiness.

The Media Bosses Damn

The original short text of the article will bring the Auxiliary Bishop to the gallows:

"Loveparade is not a 'harmless celebration' -- if God 'punished', he did this with the intention, to bring people to penance -- God punishes out of love!"

This was seized upon by the Austrian News Agency 'APA' and even mentioned in the evening news of 'Austrian Television'.

The German regional daily 'Hamburger Morgenpost' ridiculed the Auxiliary Bishop with the paltry title: "Bishop Ridicules Victims of Loveparade".

The Bishop Strikes Back

Yesterday evening Msgr Laun published a second article on the theme for ''.

He criticized the "scandal monger journalism" for his description.

His text asks "for a fair and precise reader not to be misled."

Msgr Laun is "disappointed", that the public dialogue will not take place: "why, my ladies and gentlemen, could and would you not believe me, what I describe precisely?"

The Auxiliary Bishop renewed with exclamation points:

"I am also not convinced, that we men do not have the right, to pass over other men a just judgement, that belongs only to God!"

Msgr Laun underscored that he may not judge and has not done it. Really he will be condemned -- for the claims, that he is supposed to have expressed.

Thereby he does not believe his "dear critics", "that you really believe, that I think, what you have ascribed to me."

The Auxiliary Bishop then recalls, that every religion believes in a God, "who is also a judge of people."

In conclusion he emphasizes again, that he has not assumed this office which is God's alone.

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Original article, here.


Anonymous said...

"if God 'punished', he did this with the intention, to bring people to penance -- God punishes out of love!""

What did God punish those kids for? And could he not find a better way then having priests rape them?

Tancred said...

There were fifty deaths from drug-use alone. You'd better get better at the blame-game.

Anonymous said...

Any event where God has been literally chased out of the picture will become dangerous. The destroyer (satan) will show up and chaos will ensue. Have you seen any of the videos of the prior 'Love Parades?' They are decadent, immoral events. For all those who don't see the danger of such displays, they need to read Scripture and spiritually mature. Thanks for warning those who will listen in these perilous times, Bishop!

Tancred said...

We've seen some of the photos of the event on They were terrible and we would have been ashamed to post them here. So, yes, "Loveparade" actually looks worse than spring break in the States, or any comparable event in the past.