Monday, August 16, 2010

The Relics of St. John the Baptist Are Authentic

[Standart, Bulgaria] The relics of John the Baptist recently discovered in the Black Sea town of Sozopol are authentic, declared Vatican expert Michael Hesseman, according to Minister of Diaspora historian Bozhidar Dimitrov. Mayor of Sozopol, Dr. of History Panayot Reizi handed over the reliquary to Father Ivan of the local St. George church. Yesterday, thousands of laymen gathered in town to see the valuable reliquary encased in gold and silver, a gift from PM Boyko Borisov. The relics of John the Baptist were moved to the reliquary lined with red velvet and further on will be kept in it.
“The relics have already worked the first miracle – they made Finance Minister Simeon Djankov to allot money for further research and excavations on the Sveti Ivan and Sveti Kirik islands near Sozopol,” Minister Dimitrov jokingly commented. He added that he was sure the investment would pay off as crowds of pilgrims were expected in Sozopol.

Elena Dimitrova

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