Monday, August 9, 2010

Hosts are Desercrated in Carbondale, Pennsylvania Parish

The article says Satanists, but no one knows for sure, or at least there's no indication of what it is. While Satanists do steal relics, it's unclear that this is the case here.

Parishioners at St. Rose of Lima parish in Carbondale, Pennsylvania are in shock after learning that someone broke into their church for the sole purpose of stealing a ciborium full of consecrated hosts.

WNEP-TV is reporting that the incident occurred sometime during the evening of Aug. 4 when a thief entered the church through an open window. Monsignor David Tressler, pastor of the parish, said the only thing stolen was the most precious item in the church - the Blessed Sacrament.

“What has been taken is the Blessed Sacrament, which is our Holy Communion, which is the the source and summit of who we are , the body and blood of Christ,” Tressler told WNEP.

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