Tuesday, August 10, 2010

France: Only the Catholic Monasteries Grow

The old liberals command of the Church is increasingly without reservation. But the boring mush they produce doesn't attract anyone any more.

[kreuz.net] "The Cloister, which young people today are drawn to, is something which the most traditional societies offer."

Trappist, Father Guillaume Jedrzejczak explained on July 2nd, for an article appearing in the Catholic daily 'La Croix'.

Father Jedrzejczak is the former Abbot of the French Trappist Abbey Mont-des-Cats.

In figures of numbers of entrants the traditionalist Abbey of Fontgambault in Central France is at the head of French Bedictine Cloisters.

The leading Trappist Abbey is the Cloister Sept-Fons in the Central French Auvergne.

Benedictine Nun Cloisters are like Pradines in Central France and the Cloister of Saint Marie de Maumont in Western Frane.

Also some French Carmelite Cloisters have regular growth.

Pre-Conciliar Carmelites

In the year 2009 French Cloisters received 50 Novice Males and 95 Novice Females.

The departures are in comparison to the decadent Council years, significantly lower. There are in any event also fewer entrants.

It is becoming increasingly prevalent, that Cloisters must be closed, because there are no more new growth.

Actually, simultaneously there is a growing interest in stays in the guest houses of the Cloister.

In certain regions of France it is so large, that the Cloisters are not in a position, to find places for all of the guests.

"Mostly young women come in search of peace of mind" -- explained Sister Marie-Chantal, who cares for the guests at the Cloister of the Servants of the Visitation of Voiron in the Diocese of Grenoble:

"They exclaim, not to have the faith and don't want to pray. They are not so much looking for someone as something."

The Cloister can accommodate a maximum of five female guests during the year.

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