Thursday, August 19, 2010

England: Prayer Marathon For the Pope

Many people in England have decided to undertake a great project, to prepare for the Pope's visit with prayer.

London [] Bad premonitions and threats against the upcoming papal visit have proven enough on the English side: some want to make provocative gifts to him like imprisonment or law suits.

But there is naturally also another side of joyful expectation for Benedict, as Radio Vatican reports. Many people in England have proposed an enormous project. Initiated by "Aid to the Church in Need" (ACN), the English branch of "Church in Need". A chain reaction of the spiritual preparation one might say. ACN speaker Terry Murphy:

"It appears to be a common spirit, that the people pray and expect great things. It will be often said, that there is a lot of antipathy against the Pope's visit. But in my opinion, I haven't seen any of that. I have only seen great anticipation."

The preparation project for the Pope's visit will include a Rosary "prayer marathon" an countless Eucharistic holy hours.

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