Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cardinal Schönborn Praises Medjugorje, Again

A Morsel For the Stupid Neoconservatives

Austria. [kreuz.net] This Sunday Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna praised the false Marian apparition site, Medjugorje in the boulevard magazine 'Krone'. The Cardinal recalled his then meeting with the youth that are there every summer. The young people could not see much in the village besides the stony ground and supposed poverty. But they sense: "Mary is near them".

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The Krone's late editor, Hans Dichant, and the publication itself has been very ++Schönborn friendly, despite its advertisements for prostitutes and pornographic content. The Cardinal eulogized him at his funeral and presided over the Mass.

It's a very evil magazine, see for yourself. It has an entire section featuring extremely indecent pinup photos.

Also, Cardinal Schönborn will be attending this years Ratzinger Schulkreis as reported by Dici to discuss the "hermeneutic of continuity.

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Dan said...

Could someone please tell me when the Pope is going to give this Episcopal nincompoop his walking papers?

What is the Holy Father waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising since he's a Mason.

Anonymous said...

is anything new int Church, 'under the sun'?

Anonymous said...

I will be so glad when this hoax is over and done with. The defenders of it are impossible. You can present them with all the information and facts against it and they refuse to accept it.

Anonymous said...

I hope something definitive is done. When I was a new Catholic, I totally believed it was all accepted by the Church, or that it was "almost" approved, even though when I read books about it, I knew something wasn't right!