Thursday, August 12, 2010

ACLU Paladin Jeff Anderson Vows to Continue His Dark Crusade Against the Church

Jeff Anderson says this isn't for the faint of heart. He's intent on continuing his own quest for whatever it is he's questing for, in his office, replete with ecclesiastical furniture, and shrines to civil rights battles of the past, and it seems to be clear that he's intent upon winning another one.

The ACLU member and Democratic Party supporter is not deterred by the recent collapse of the Kentucky case. There are dark and powerful forces on his side which have collaborated with those powers within the Church, to destroy the Church.

Ultimately, this isn't about justice for the boys who were preyed on by cruising homosexuals, this is about destroying the Church, disolving what remains of its steadfast and intransigent moral claims, as Jeff Anderson reveals his hand, it should become clear when he says:

For decades the strange practice of treating the Catholic Church as a state has been bad for women's equality, gay rights and reproductive freedom. The Holy See's fictive statehood allows it to promote its retrograde views on gender and sex in diplomatic settings and during treaty negotiations.

Now, the unfolding sexual abuse scandal reveals another dark side of the Holy See's claim to statehood: the extraordinary immunities claimed by the pope in the face of conspiracy accusations that span the globe.


Anonymous said...

Let's simply pray (with fasting) for his conversion. With God, nothing is impossible. ;-)

Matthew said...

Where did Jeff Anderson say that? That blockquote looks like it's taken from this editorial: Catholic church's claim to statehood has dark consequences

Tancred said...

That passage was linked on his website.