Sunday, July 4, 2010

Newly Ordained Augsburg Priest Struck by Streetcar

The benediction of God has left the Diocese of Augsburg. There should be a one year fast for everyone -- not only Bishop Walter Mixa.

[] Last Monday the newly ordained Augburg priest, Fr. Marcel Frölich, was the victim of a street car accident.

The Diocese of Ausburg is now asking for prayers from its website.

The priest lives, but drifts still close to danger of death.

Dragged for A Number of Meters

The accident occurred on Monday night in Augsburg. Fr.Frölich was struck by a street car and suffered life threatening injuries.

The priest had guests, who had taken part in his ordination, whom he had brought to the train. Then he walked in the Augburg mall area over the tracks.

At 1100pm the street car seized him and dragged him a number of meters.

A priest with high ideals

"We are deeply shaken and very, very shocked" -- explained the Pastor of Wessenhorn.

The minister described Fr. Frölich as a man with high ideals and goals.

He was unfortunate at his ordination.

Tomorrow, Fr. Frölich should have celebrated his first Mass in his home parish Neckartenzlingen -- 25 km from Stuttgart.

The Diocese of Augsburg hopes for his participation, that the first Mass "can soon be made up."

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