Saturday, July 31, 2010

Liberals Hate Bishop Morlino of Red Madison, Wisconsin

Good news about Bishop Morlino. The elderly and increasingly irrelevant, local Call To Action crowd got a few lines in the local paper to vent about him. Madison hosts one of the most liberal Universities in the country and is a real hub of depravity. It's comforting to have this man wielding a shepherd's staff, at least if we can garner anything from his enemies in the Newspaper 'Forward':

"I started feeling uncomfortable about Morlino pretty much from day one," says Beyers [a crotchety 71], a resident of Madison's far southwest side and member of the local chapter of Call to Action, which has crossed swords with the bishop. "He's big on obedience. He doesn't think that laypersons should have any say. Morale is very low among the priests. He's a tyrant with them. Some of them are scared to death of him."

Sometimes you a man, in this case a manly Bishop, is a measure of his enemies. Bishop Morlino has chosen his enemies well.

h/t: Neoconservative Te Deum laudamus blog

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