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Sympathy from the 'Mittelbayerischen': Liberal Paper Defends Episcopal SSPX Critic says about Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg that their criticism has aroused the anger of a German journalist from the liberal 'Mittelbayerische' paper and its editor. It seems that it's not only the German Bishops who wish would go away.

Caught in a crossfire: The neoconservative Potemkin-Bishop is receiving agreement from circles, who are actually his deadly enemies.

The head shepherd is said to be "vilified by conservatives" -- said liberal editor Chistine Schröpf

In 2007 Frau Schröpf published a children's book with private secretary Georg Gänswein. It was called "Why does the Pope Wear Red Shoes? Children's Questions for Benedict XVI."

Now, she is defending the Archbishop of Regensburg like a flaming angel:

"They call him "Bishop-heretic" question his theological reputation and put his loyalty to the Church in question: Bischof Müller stands in the crossfire of ultraconservative Church circles" -- complains Schröpf

Msgr Müller has proposed the giving of Holy Communion to unbelievers and public sinners.

He denied the perpetual virginity of Mary as well as the sacrificial character of the Mass and and opined the notion that Adolf Hitler (+1945), Winston Churchill (+1965) and child molesters finally are recompensed with heaven.

Open Lies

Frau Schröpf believes that the critique of the theological errors of Msgr Muller are a "bill" for the episcopal bluster against the previously occurring priestly consecrations in the Pius Seminary in Zaitzkofen near Regensburg.

She disseminated also the open lie, that these consecrations by the Vatican are "forbidden".

Frau Schröpfs anger directs itself however in the first line against Europe's largest Catholic Internet Platform, ''.

"The authors can best be described as fundamentalist" -- as she portrayed the Portal with cliches.

What she -- or her very rich Media Boss -- wanted to say with that, she left unclear.

Why the Solo-Pirouette of Bishop Müller?

Frau Schröpf maintains that Pope Benedict himself. -- in opposition to Bishop Müller -- is endeavouring, to bring the Society of Saint Pius X back to the bosom of the Church."

The Society has "separated" itself from the Church out of protest against the "modernization"-- are pieces of misinformation with which she has entertained the public.

Then the Regensburg Communications Director, Clemens Neck steps forward.

He maintains, that Bishop Müller is absolved in his rampage against the Society of Pius X, "by being in unity with Pope Benedict".

The Bishop has been invited to an audience with the Pope in Rome -- he mystifies.

Then did the Pope also authorize the Episcopal rampage against the Society of Saint Pius X?

Cross examination Question: Why only in Regensburg? Why also have not the other Bishops not objected to the coming priestly consecrations this 26th June?

Neognostic Theologian

The Diocesan Communications Director also commented about '' -- Articles, which have accused Bishop Muller of heresy have been brought to the light of day.

The "tit-for-tat" of a splinter group-- he said encouraging himself.

Bishop Muller has been "in the first line of those saddened" by the reaction of the Society of Pius X-- said Frau Schröpf with sympathy.

Now the irreconcilable Bishop hopes, that the process of reunification -- curiously because of
lèse-majesté -- "in danger".

Like his master, the Regensburg Communications Director plays the importance and reality of the perpetual virginity of Mary in conflict accordingly:

The real heart of this doctrine is "NOT" resolved by questions of a gynecological speciality, rather -- diffused -- in the "Mystery of the Birth of Christ".

More Slander from the German Bishop's Conference

The Church circles and thoroughly popular portal '' is -- according to the opinion of the Regensburg Communications Director-- "in Church circles famous-infamous".

According to information from observers, the portal has for years broken through the wall of silence put up by neoconservative and old liberals and takes no political position in the Church.

The Bavarian Bishop's Conference would rather have '' silenced before the 'Mittelbayerischen': "no comment" - writes Frau Schröpf.

The German Bishop's Conference are well known for their slanders given by the notorious official functionary Matthias Kopp.

He clarified for the 'Mittelbayerischen' (Middle Bavarian Paper), that '' has in the past been guilty of "more than questionable" statements before.

The site has no official character: "... continual anti-Semitic suggestions and ponderous cheap-polemical shots against the German Bishops are unbearable" -- intoned Kopp

Even the press speaker for the German Society of Pius X, Father Andreas Steiner, distanced himself from the "form" of the criticism on ''.

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