Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cardinal Schönborn Buries Pornographer

The late Hans Dichant, editor of the street-magazine, 'The Crowns Times' [Die Kronen Zeitung] was known for his docility to the Cardinal's concerns, and the Cardinal praised his paper for being "friendly" to the Church in Austria, but little to no mention of the pornographic adds there, or indeed, the support Dichant gave to the late hyper-nationalist and Freemason, Jörg Haider. [Ewald Stadler maintains as much in 2007 in his lecture on Masonry in Linz.]

This is especially interesting in light of the Cardinal's high level meeting with the Holy Father, the Secretary of State and Dean of the College of Cardinals. Mercifully, Whispers in the Loggia mentioned Cardinal Schoenborn's pro-homosexual statement, which he wasn't required to retract, apparently, here, that the Church:

"should give more consideration to the quality of homosexual relationships," and that "a stable [same-sex] relationship is certainly better than if someone chooses to be promiscuous."

Father Z, here.

Here's what Kreuz.net had to say:

A Pious Work

When the the powerful die, everyone is there: The Viennese Cardinal has commended to God the dead promoter of depraved Porn and Prostitution Publications throughout the Land.

[Kreuz.net] On Saturday the Viennese Archbishop, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, celebrated the Requiem for Hans Dichant (89).

The deceased was the editor and owner of boulevard paper "Crowns Times" [Die Kronen Zeitung].

With a circulation of over 800,000 sales it is an example of the most widely read newspapers in the land.

Cardinal Schönborn wrote for the turn style paper regularly and vacuous Sunday meditations.

Those close to the deceased took their place in the foremost rows of the St. Stephen's Cathedral which was separated from the rest of the church by a cord.

There was a strict ban on photography and film.

Only the photojournalists of the 'Crowns Times' [Die Kronen Zeitung] were allowed to light up the area of the ceremony.

The rest of the journalists had to be satisfied with seats way in the back.

The entire decadent Austrian politically prominent found themselves at the beginning as "honored guests".

Absent were the members of the anti-Church "Green" extremists and the officially fallen from catholicism, President Comrade Heinz Fischer.

Cardinal Schoenborn found positive words for the deceased as was generally expected.

The super-rich Dichant is said "to have been for the generation of Charity and Service".

It had been "not self-evident", that he found room for the Gospel in his porno and prostitution paper.

"He burned through the rest of the pages of the paper" -- the Cardinal let himself tear out an embarrassing comment.

He seemed not to care if he was ridiculed

After the death of "his employer" Cardinal Schoenborn had pulled together the heads of some jounrnalists, "in which he ostentatiously evaluated the positive role of the "Kronen Times' as if it belonged to media sanctity."

This was Michael Fleischhacker of the anti-Church paper 'Die Presse' on Sunday in a commentary:

"That he wrote in a paper, which as part of its profits as the largest broker between prostitutes and their customers, bothered the Cardinal only decidedly less than the civilized critique of his thesis for "Intelligent Design", which he heard about in some of the media.

For the Cardinal the Homo Sapiens was not just the end product of a Godless effect of random evolutionary processes, rather the crown of creation -- Fleischhacker correctly summarized:

"The Homo austriacus emerged, and was really completely without intelligent design, much more so the Creature of the 'Krone'."

At the burial service Fleischhacker found countless advocates for this marriage, especially among the attending politicians: "accommodating, soberly ascetic, resistant to truth."

Dichand had "fashioned" these human types "with power, grown great in affection and put on back on the right way by the withdrawal of love."

Fleschhacker understands: "That they are gathered at this religious service, in order to bid farewell to the man in a religious framework, who has made them, what they are, it is not for them to bring reproach."

At the same time the journalist weighs illusions: "It would nevertheless be ripe for such a thing as evolution in Austria now."

He added: "Perhaps the Viennese Cardinal can leave this to the subject of his beliefs on creation. At least it would be a pious work."


Dan said...

Could the Holy Father please say "bye-bye" to Schonborn real soon?

The man is a schizoid if ever I saw one.

Anonymous said...

This is such a scandal! And this man was the architect behind the Catechism of the Catholic Church issued by JPII!