Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bishop Mixa's Second Resignation, "under duress"

It's not the enemy liberal media, or some of the backstabbing colleagues, but the Pope himself who has Bishop Mixa under pressure. This, at least is something some would have us believe.

According to the anti-Catholic 'Focus', Pope Benedict charged, through his nuncio to Germany Mons, Jean-Claude Perisset, on the end of April, to give Bishop Mixa a "time out". The Bishop is said by 'focus' not to have reacted because of the "time out".

April 28th the conspirators Archbishop Zollitsch and Bishop Marx had an audience with Benedict XVI where they gave him the useless information that Bishop Mixa is supposed to be a homosexual and a child abuser. In the heated atmosphere, the Pope was forced to contend with this information. According to 'focus', the Pope then personally sent the conspirator Bishops to discuss with Bishop Mixa at Basel and have him clarify his first resignation of April 21st on the same misleading accusations of sexual abuse as before.

Bishop Mixa has, in his own words, issued a second resignation, "under duress".
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