Monday, June 28, 2010

ACLU Operative Wins SIgnificant Legal Victory Against Catholic Church

Jeffrey Anderson is a vulgar ex-Lutheran who finds that eastern mysticism "speaks" to him. He meditates. He's also a significant contributor to the ACLU and the Democratic Party.

He's frequently said that he wants to put Pope Benedict on the stand, but the thing that keeps on getting missed is the confluence of interests he has with liberal priests and Bishops like Cardinal Schoenborn within the Catholic Church, and 500 of his priests who want a church more to their own making rather than the one which has been passed down to us through the Apostles.

He's an advocate for sweeping away what he calls "Medieval Secrecy", and the male domininated hierarchy.

The irony of all of this is, despite Jeff Anderson's appropriation of the semitic victim myth is the clear resemblance his legal attacks share with Goebels attempts to destroy Catholic education in Germany.


Anonymous said...

The church passed down to us through the Apostles did not include a compulsorily celibate clergy.

Tancred said...

Are you sure about that?

Tancred said...

In other words, clerical celibacy is a tradition handed down from the Apostles.