Friday, May 14, 2010

Germany's First Woman Bishop and Drunk Driver Praises Pill in Catholic Cathedral

After resigning because of a drunk driving conviction, this awesome figure is now doing credit to Catholic Germany.

Former Protestant leader Margot Käßmann caused a stir at Munich’s interfaith gathering Thursday night by describing the birth control pill as “God’s gift” – in a Catholic cathedral.

•Christians gather for interfaith congress - Society (13 May 10)
Speaking at the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, which is the Munich Catholic Archbishop’s own cathedral and one of the most important Catholic churches in Germany, Käßmann warned against demonising birth control.

Contraception, including the pill, is forbidden under the Catholic Church’s strict moral code.

“We can however also see it as God’s gift, for it is about the preservation of life, of freedom, which doesn’t have to immediately degenerate into pornography, as much as the sexualisation of our society is, of course, a problem.

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