Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bishop Mixa's Successor is on the Way

The ramshackle Bavarian CSU-State Government has already decided who will be the next Bishop in Augsburg and Eichstätt

[Kreuz.net] The Regensburg Princess, Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, has a favorite for the office of the Flight-Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg, as reported by the anti-Church Munich 'Abendzeitung' on the 3rd of May.

The Candidate of the Princess is the Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp (58), pilgrimage director at the well-known Swabian Sanctuary Maria Vesperbild in the Diocese of Augsburg.

The article in the 'Abendzeitung' serves to create an atmosphere against his person in order to hinder his naming as Bishop as well.

First a Little Praise for Diversion

"He belongs to the charismatic members of the clergy, not only because he is a fetching man," says the 'Abendzeitung' citing the Princess's comments, as she's still enthusing about the clergyman, "he preaches so clearly and relentlessly."

The "Clear text" preached by the Prelate consists in an excerpt from 'Abendzeitung' in commonplaces such as, that Catholics in Germany are a "persecuted minority", who "must resist".

The 'Abendzeitung' calls the clergyman the "Dandy of the Servants of God". He likes to wear silk shirts and gold rings.

In place of ordinary water he blesses - according to 'Abendzeitung' - Gold water from the Maria Vesperbilder spring, flecked with gold flakes.

Then the 'Abendzeitung' shows its other side.

Worse than Bishop Mixa

For the Bavarian State Government the "stock-conservative" Prelate from the Schwabia is a red cape -- said the paper with its customary objectivity.

The decadent CSU-politicians are concerned that the Prelate will follow in the neoconservative course adopted by the Flight-Bishop Mixa.

"He polarizes and divides" - will be the intoned and well-known litany of blockade.

Alone by his thoughts about Bishop Imkamp, the Chief of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Siegfried Schneider (54) as the angry red in his face glows -- reports 'Abendzeitung': "He is even worse than [Bishop] Mixa."

Schneider was one of those who sang Hosanas, as Minister of Culture, when the Flight-Bishop was installed in October 2005.

The Desired Candidate

CSU-Functionary Schneider identified Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke of Eichstaett as the desired candidate of the State Government.

He lives according to the motto "humility, obedience and poverty" and could lead "everyone" in Augsburg "back together again".

One candidate the Bavarian State Government would like to emplace, who will block a Catholic successor for Mons. Hanke in Eichstaett there, is the Old Liberal Augsbuger Auxilliary Bishop and Cathedral Dean, Anton Losinger (52).

The 'Abendzeitung' portrays the expected colorless Church bureaucrats as "beloved" and as "intellectuals with extraordinary international contacts."

The Paper also mentions that the former CSU-Chief and Bavarian Ministry Head, Horst Seehofer knew Msgr Walter Mixa already from his time secular priest of Schrobenhausen.

Seehofer could actually imitate this perfectly. At a celebration of the CSU-Eichstätt he even arrived in full episcopal regalia as Mixa-Imitator.

Old Friends

With Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke - the former Abbot of the Benedictine Cloister of Plankstetten - is a close friend, again, according to 'Abendzeitung'.

"When things go especially bad for Seehofer, he submerges in the Cloister with his pal to exercise."

State Chancellor- Boss Siegfried Schneider knows the Eichstätter Bishop from their time together in a fraternity in his present episcopal city.

Mons Hanke was Schneider's freshman class director. He had the task, to bring new members into the fraternity.

At last the 'Abendblatt' said that the papal secretary Prelate Georg Gänswein also has ambitions for the See of Augsburg.

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