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Upon the Negligence of Pastors

The following reflections are part of an e-mail we received from an annonymous Catholic who has thought long and deeply about the subject and the link he sent from a John Vennari article from 2002:

Well, there is modernist clericalism and a clericalist mentality in the modernist Church. That doesn't explain entirely the molestation crisis. Some people have been suggesting that priests become pedophiles. It's the other way around. The question they need to be asking is why homosexual deviants become priests. Priestly celibacy is not what causes them to molest teenage or young adult males. Vatican II created a new lifestyle and atmosphere in the priesthood which enables and attracts homosexuals. Now, this is a VERY strange and very bizarre phenomenon in abnormal psychology.

I'm not sure that the answers are that clear. But I think it is similar to
why sexual deviants are attracted to professions like police officers, Physical

Education teachers, and sports coaches, Boy Scout leaders.

It gives them a certain power and authority over others.

I also think the perverted voyeurism that they experience in Confession gives a certain aggrandizement and thrill in sadistic power over others. It's a perverse and deviant way of evening the score with heterosexuals. (i.e., getting compromising information on others).

But this whole issue makes me feel nauseated and I have no desire to ever have to deal with the homosexuals and psychologically abnormal modernists in the modernist Church EVER again.

One would also have to reserve some role for the diabolical in this Church crisis. It's not completely caused by clericalism although that can be a part of it. It's why homosexuals have chosen to use the Church as a political arm (and for freeloading) that is the real issue. That's a very complex issue in the area of abnormal psychology.

There is a perversion of deviant, psychoneurotic voyeurism (via Confession) that attracts some homosexuals. One thing you will notice about homosexuals is that they love to gossip (almost like women following soap operas or tabloids). Someone with perverse, deviant, or abnormal sexual hangups will be attracted to Confession in an abnormal way (that a normal priest would not be).
It may also be because blackmail is a part of perverted sexual underworlds. For the sexual pervert, the priesthood is about power.

Entering the priesthood may also be a way to impress the parents. As this secures their support in a way that "coming out" would not (for religious families). Also, it's not that big of a step, as they have already been pretending to be normal in interactions with the parents and other straight Catholics.

So what's really involved? In becoming a priest they are handed the combination to the parish safe, control of the collection plate, etc. Seeing all of that money being collected has been something on their mind FOR YEARS...

The institutional Church has been naive about this problem.

Clerical Scandals and the
"Negligence of the Pastors"

by John Vennari

Note: In light of the recent Church scandals in the news, this article published in 2002 is of even greater relevance.

It is hard to imagine a more distasteful subject than pedophilia and homosexuality in the Roman Catholic priesthood. It is even more disturbing to consider that homosexuals successfully targeted the Catholic Church for infiltration.

Yet these are the issues we are forced to confront at the same time Fatima revisionists claim that the 1984 Consecration of the world fulfilled Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of Russia, and that we are now witnessing the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. If the current state of the Church is an indication of Her triumph, I shudder to think of what would be Her defeat.

Crisis Foretold

In 1981, Father Joaquin Alonso, who had many conversations with Sister Lucy, and who was the official Fatima archivist for sixteen years, said, "It is therefore completely probable that the text (of the Third Secret of Fatima) makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves [and the] internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence of the upper hierarchy."(1)

Today’s clerical scandals are not because of mandatory celibacy, nor are they because we do not have women priests, married priests, or because there are no laity in Church authority. Rather, they are the result of the "negligence of the pastors" that Father Alonso (pictured above) maintained to be the essence of the Third Secret of Fatima.

The scandals are also the result of what Sister Lucy called the "diabolical disorientation" afflicting "so many persons who occupy places of responsibility" in the Church.(2) As will be demonstrated, the upper hierarchy has been so negligent and disoriented that it presided over a massive influx of homosexuals into the Catholic priesthood and religious orders.

And homosexuality is the real issue.

Most of today’s clerical scandals are not

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