Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Father Scmidberger Defends the Pope

Father Schmidberger has been very supportive of the Holy Father in the past, as when he thanked Holy Father for the Motu Propio and in some rather public remarks for a regional German paper, he has stepped in again to defend his Pontif for all the world to see.

The Society of Pius X tore down its wall of silence: "Today those who cried the loudest, were those who demanded to be exempt from punishment for sexual abuse of children. Humanist Union belongs to this group."

[Stuttgart, kreuz.net] "The Pope was in no way guilty, therefore he cannot also apolgize.

Explained the German uppter district superior of the Society of St Pius X, Franz Schmidberger to regional newspaper 'Leibziger Volkszeitung.'

Father spoke on the topic of homosexual predators of underage, taboo for many decades in left and anti-church circles.

This "homosexual predation" is for many a welcome cause, in order to diminish the German Pope directly in Germany and discredit the Papacy, determined Fr. Schmidberger.

Humanist Hecklers

Father criticized the advisoress of church-hate, combination 'Humanist Union" and German law minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP):

"Today those who cry loudest, were those who yesterday demanded exemption from punishment for abusing children

To which group the 'Humanist Union' also belongs, to which Mrs. Law Minister Leutheusser Schnarrenberger is counted a member. In the German language there is a word for this: Hypocrisy. The shoe fits!

Father Schmidberger opposes a general criminal suspicion against priests:

"We should be more cautious with this dragging-into-public of sins and guilt. Perhaps one or the other accusation will by closer inspection be proven false."

Sexual Desire contains the Responsibillity of the Child

Fr. Schmidberger sees a complicity in the aberration of society:

"Whoever brings pornographic writings to his person, unnatural scenes on television and dirty pictures on Internet before his eyes, will hardly pereceive any longer, that he is responsible for sexual desire."

The District Superior of explains that the instinct for hunger which is given to men, in order to sustain the individual -- and the sex drive, to propagate human sexuality:

"It is an misuse and deviation of the divine order to decouple man from this purpose, as the hedonistic society does.

Left-Catholic Debauchees Taste the Morning Air

Father Scmidberger states that Anti-Catholic groups and fragments as well as backsliding priests will use the abuse debate in order to implement their own interests:

"The Left-Catholic debauchees taste the morning air.

It is for these people designate that they demand structural changes instead of changing hearts." [Communist watchers, this is familiar stuff]

Beneficial Celibacy

The District Superior said about celibacy, that the priestly unmarried state has given extraordinary fruits for hundreds of years:

"As beneficial as celibacy is, is shown by the persecutions of the Church under the Communists and in the Third Reich:

"Protestant pastors were fearful for their families, Catholics ministers were in this respect free."

Cover instead of Showtrials (Karnevalssitzungen)

The German Bishop's Conference has covered for accused priests, expects Father Scmidberger.

"The Bishops must strengthen the priest's Faith and immediately prevent, for example, frivilous show trials in Churches."

Therefore, the sacrament of confession must take up again its place in the Christian life and in the life of the Church. [!]

"Confession is the most effective measure against sin and sinful impulses."

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AJ said...

In a sense, Fr. Schmidberger is right. Society has desensitized the culture in regards to sexual promiscuity.

Roger LeBlanc said...


Excellent article. Also, regarding St. Pius X, I've recently written a book which is essentially a rewrite of "Pascendi Dominici Gregis" for Catholics to understand in our day. It was endorsed by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand. You can find it here:


God Bless,

Unknown said...

Fr Schmidberger, while I have a great relationship with & respect for the SSPX of Archbishop Lefebvre, you cannot exploit the rank hypocrisy of the left nor the contemporary trend for sexual libertarianism to deflect from the scandalous demeanour of thousands of ordained men in The Catholic Church. Nor can we so easily avoid rightful indignation when leading churchmen attempt to hush up sexual perversion & promiscuity amongst its own clergy & hierarchy then the hierarchy is responsible. Legal agreements with "silence" clauses further this sense of culpability since we can read deviant intentions between the lines. Therefore, they share in the guilt. When they knowingly pass paedophile priests onto another parish where they continue to abuse children, then they share in their guilty behaviour. Complicity to silence & covering up crimes is not only deviant action but it is also criminal of itself.

In order to purge the church of this systemic cancerous menace and the omnipresent temptation to cover it all up then Our Blessed Lord has given us the perfect remedy - the truth must be proclaimed from the housetops since nothing said in the dark can be hidden. As Chaucer rightly told us the truth will always out. Has The Church not yet learned this salient lesson?

Pablo the Mexican said...

Mr. LeonG,

Holy Mother Church possesses the Truth. To say she hides or does not 'see' the Truth is not correct. It is those in authority that have a hard time dealing ethically.

Even the leaders of the SSPX, all the way up to His Eminence Bishop Bernard Fellay, hide or tweak the Truth to their benefit.

It is a human failing.

The groups criticizing the Holy Father are hypocrites.

Bring forth a righteous man, and have him sit as judge.

On a different note, Father Schmidtburger states:

"As beneficial as celibacy is, is shown by the persecutions of the Church under the Communists and in the Third Reich: ….”

The SSPX is European in all its heart and soul. The Hierarchy of the SSPX will never mention the murder of Catholic Priests in Mexico during the Cristero rebellion while speaking of persecution. Their hearts, souls and minds are in Europe. (the Freemason attack on the Church in Mexico continues to this day).

The SSPX is like Barack Obama: keep silent, get into the highest position of authority as possible, then let people discover who and what you are.

The Truth is never silent. When it comes to light, sometimes it ain’t pretty.

“May Our Lady wrap her protective mantle securely, around her precious son, Benedict; Amen."


Anonymous said...


At the SSPX school I attended, the sports team was called "The Cristeros," and photos of the Mexican martyrs adorned the walls in the hall.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Unknown said...

It was not the church who made the initial move to expose corrupt & perverted priests & bishops in the post conciliar sexually deviant mess - it was the secular authorities in USA alongside victims of such contemptible behaviour. The church has made distinct efforts to cover it up from the beginning. It is only in recent years that the truth is so overwhelming, and that lay people are not going to shut up like meek lambs as they used to & accept it that the church has been forced into action.

Furthermore, the ruin of so many seminaries replete with sexual perverts has been allowed to take place with no affirmative action until the last three years. Of course, the vertiginous decline in vocations, in part explicable by this deleterious behaviour, is also due to other factors such as lax liberal attitudes & the dilution of appropriate priestly training curricula.

The hypocrisy to cover up & to silence belongs to the church first. To see the mote in the eye of the enemy first is not a very laudable procedure.

Tancred said...

LeonG, actually, figures like Fr. Malachi Martin, Bishop Sheen, Bella Dodd and numerous other priests I need not mention here who were sounding the horn against the infection of the Church by homosexuals and their Communist abettors.

It's a well-known ploy in the espionage and spy-game to employ homosexuals for this purpose and, as predicted, these sex abuse scandal reports in the news have become, just nearly, a real man bites dog story.

Let us put the blame for these things where they belong with the Liberalism that foments degenerate moralities and corrupts while it thieves.

Anonymous said...


Let's get it right.

It's a logical error to claim that because A rightly accuses B of C, therefore A is denying A is also guilty of it.

But it gets worse, because those on the left who accuse the church, are ten times more guilty of the same misconduct. And, if we're going to be moral and therefore intellectually honest, we'll admit that the problem is far worse in families and the education system, not just absolutely, but proportionally.

So, a bit more honesty, please.

Oh, and I don't suppose it's occurred to you that a significant reason for the cover-ups is the traditional (that is Tridentine/Counter-reformation) culture of secrecy and clericalism, has it?? And I'm a traditionalist catholic myself who says this ...

Pablo the Mexican said...

...At the SSPX school I attended, the sports team was called "The Cristeros," and photos of the Mexican martyrs adorned the walls in the hall.

Just thought I'd mention it...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the mention.

During a recent crisis in Mexico between SSPX and the FSSP, the Superior for Mexico was made to release a statement about what happened. It was in English. English is not the predominate language of Mexico. It was a Mexican problem; Spanish first, English translations later.

Try as we might, (even though the Superior is a Mexican) we could not find his response in Spanish. Many Mexican Catholic websites tried to find an in Spanish version of his reply. There never has been one released, as far as I can discern.


I think it is because the whites that own the SSPX, meaning wealthy donors, do not like their Society “Mexicanized’.

So while the SSPX allows their children use cute names for their play teams, their hearts and souls are not allowed to take as equals the children of Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe.

By the way, I am a Cristero descendant and a Guadalupano with very close ties to Tepeyac Hill.

I have not seen one nickel of support for this most Holy Place from those that hang pictures on their walls.

I guess they are just too scandalized and their personal virtue will not allow them to associate with those of us who are so obviously going to Hell.

Have I made untrue statements? Please point them out to me.

I would be most appreciative.