Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Crimes of Modernism Healed by Penance: The Real Import of Benedict's Letter

Christ said to the adulterous woman, "do penance and sin no more". Despite this message of redemption and the elevation of womankind which the Church has promulgated, defended and taught the world for centuries, the villainous media expects a pound of flesh from the Church, a Church which has always preached penance for sins. It remains unclear what punishments those behind the media blitzkrieg have in store for the Church, its adherants and ministers. Perhaps it will be content to preserve the deceptive mercenaries who are its own chaplains within Its bosom? But the Church is surely being persectuted elsewhere as it is from Iraq to California. Like the Bishops' Conferences throughout the world, those who hate the Church and have power, no doubt must have in the back of their collective mind some sort of legislation. At last; Herod in the West would feel bold enough to murder grown men, and not be satisfied with helpless babes as he is now.

Benedict XVI made promises to clean up the filth in the beginning of his pontificate. He's been doing that. Homosexual priests who are caught are dismissed and increasingly, Bishops and pastors hostile to Orthodoxy are being sent out to pasture, early, to be replaced by Bishops and priests who are Catholic, who don't give fawning interviews to the international press telling people how they struggle with what Rome expects of them.

The following article by Sandro Magister deals with the issue of the sexual revolution which came (like nouveau theologie) out of the post-war years with new musical styles and ways of living facilitated by personal transportation and mechanization.

Along with the plastic and radiation of the post-war years, there came cultural novelties dealing with psychology and sexuality. Like bad parents, many Bishops and priests succumbed to the spirit of the age and introduced these novelties with the conspicuous and damnable results we're experiencing today.

There are many now pointing an accusing finger at the Church for the failure of some of its ministers in sexual morality, who would not like the penitential antidote fitting for bad parents of all kinds, the kinds of penitential practices suggested by our current Pope have long been suppressed in deed if not by law in many Diocese throughout the world.

If good can come out of evil, it is that many, to include the laity, are called this year to beg God's forgiveness and make reparations for the crimes committed because we omitted to do what was demanded by justice as parents and leaders, or because we broke God's law and thought we could escape His wrath.

The Genesis of a Crime

Genesis of a Crime. The Revolution of the 1960's. The scandal of pedophilia has always been there, but it was magnified by the cultural revolution of half a century ago. Benedict XVI makes the claim in his letter to the Catholics of Ireland. Two cardinals and a sociologist comment

by Sandro Magister

ROME, March 25, 2010 – Law and grace. Where earthly justice does not reach, the hand of God can. With his letter dated March 19, Benedict XVI has given the Catholics of Ireland an order never before given by a pope of the modern era to an entire national Church.

He told them not only to bring the guilty before the canonical and civil courts, but to put themselves collectively in a state of penance and purification. And not in the privacy of their consciences, but in a public form, before the eyes of all, even of their most implacable and mocking adversaries. Fasting, prayer, reading the Bible, and works of charity on all the Fridays from now until Easter of next year. Frequent sacramental confession. Continual adoration of Jesus – " himself a victim of injustice and sin" – present in the sacred host, exposed on the altars of the churches. And for all the bishops, priests, and religious, without exception, a special period of "mission," a long and strict course of spiritual exercises for a radical review of life.

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