Monday, February 22, 2010

Scranton Diocese Struggles Financially

Despite receiving substantial subsidies from the government, Scranton Diocese is still struggling. Catholic Social Services appeal for funds was %15 short of goal. We'd like to think it's the result of anti-CCHD campaigning, but Catholic Culture points to this being another factor toward explaining Bishop Martino's resignation last year.

Diocese faces 'formidable challenges'
By Erin Moody (Staff Writer)
Published: February 19, 2010

As the Diocese of Scranton reports a third-straight year of multi-million dollar losses, officials say social services remain intact but the future of Catholic education faces additional changes.

Deficits for fiscal year 2009 totaled almost $15.5 million, according to financial statements published Thursday in the Catholic Light, the diocesan newspaper. That is more than twice the $7.1 million loss reported in 2008 and the $6.7 million in 2007 by the 11-county diocese.

"While the diocesan finances are deeply troubling and present formidable challenges, with God's help we will find creative ways to meet the challenges and reverse the significant losses that are evident in the published financial statement. I ask for your prayers for our Diocese," interim leader of the diocese Cardinal Justin Rigali wrote in a letter accompanying the annual report.


While the diocese contributes a small portion of funding for the agency, most of the money used to operate kitchens, counseling services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and programs for children, seniors, the unemployed, homeless and others comes from federal, state and county grants, he said.

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