Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fr. Amorth: Pope battles Satanists in the Vatican

Father Amorth has long been a most credible voice on Italian occultism and the battle against evil which is something which many bishops and priests have relegated to a dungeon of superstion. Thanks to the Blueblog for getting translations of the original Italian interview. Father Amorth has also commented on the "smoke of satan" quote by Paul VI.

We'd like to think that this exhonerates Fr. Malachi Martin who's done so much to combat this evil and make it known.

It shouldn't be surprising to many Catholics that this is the case, but some people would be shocked and find such things hard to believe, of course, we must pray.

- The Pope is informed of this?

"Of course, he was informed" But he does what he can. It is something terrifying. Keep in mind also that Benedict XVI is a German pope, he comes from a nation resolutely closed to these things. In Germany, in fact, there are almost no exorcists, and yet the Pope believes [in them]: I had the opportunity to speak with him three times before, when He was prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He believes, and how! And he spoke explicitly in public several times [about this]. He welcomed our association of exorcists (in October 2005, BEM); [at the time] he also delivered a fine speech, encouraging us and praising our apostolate. And let us not forget that the devil and exorcism, John Paul II also spoke a lot about it. "

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