Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why is Vatican paper reviewing Avatar, the Simpsons?

Why is Vatican paper reviewing Avatar, the Simpsons?

Osservatore Romano's review was a little strident and petulant, but we expect that from OR, but it was right on for a change. Avatar really is a pantheistic, goofy Gnostic film that cobbles together anarchic influences from film and literature with an eye to ecology and social "justice" like the Mission, Emerald Forest, Apocalypse Now, Star Wars and a few other films we can't think of right now.

The unfortunate thing about this from our point of view is that the one dimension that could have made this film a far deeper one were almost entirely left out. In CS Lewis'science fiction series, That Hideous Strength, creatures rather like those of the planet Pandora are threatened by diabolical forces from Earth who hope to subjugate their world for the sake of scientific imperialism.

The worst thing about this film, in our opinion, will be the large number of people who will swallow it whole and internalize its erroneous lessons sight unseen; that is to say, unconsciously. Dealing with people like that, ruled by emotions and failing to appreciate the delicate power relationships between peoples and elites will no-doubt provide more fodder for further class warfare and the homogenalization of human excellence.

Thank you, Hollyweird.

Of course, most of the reviewers of the review want to talk about how the Vatican wants to spiff up its periodicals image and make it more relevant. We think it's wise of them to be conversant in the popular culture, but why join your enemies and oppressors? Attack them in print we say!

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