Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ven. Pius XII Defender of the Jews

If anything, Pius XII did too much for the Jews. This video made by a high-school student demonstrates the facts that big-name publications like New York Times keep getting wrong; but it was a Communist inspired disinformation campaign in the first place, thats well documented.

In repayment for his courage and generosity of spirit, many Jews have chosen to defame his name with their usual allies in print and broadcast media. It is truly a testament to their true spiritual bretheren Cane, Esau and the elder brothers of Joseph, that modern Jews persecute the only organization that stood by them in the Second World War.

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Dan said...

I've always wondered why some modern Jews and those that toady to them continue to calumniate Pius XII. Like you, I believe he actually did too much for them, sometimes at the expense of his fellow Christians suffering under the Communist monsters. But I've never been able to understand why they hate him so much.

Until now, I believe. I've just done a little deeper research on Pius and have discovered the very interesting fact that he was more than a little skeptical of the "six million" story. As he was right on the scene, so to speak, at the time he would have had a lot of inside information on the subject. It would seem, then, that his being doubtful as to the extent of actual Jewish suffering under the Nazis, and his skepticism about the gas chambers, is the cause of this modern hysteria against him.

It is at least a plausible theory.