Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Lion for Belgium

Since we first reported this occurence last week from, Archbishop Leonard is confirmed today since last week's happy rumour that he is to be the new "conservative" Archbishop of Belgium. The Valdosta Blog identifies this as a Seismic Shift.

Hilary White identifies another problem associated with his conservativity will leave him vulnerable to attack along the lines of a homosexual agenda:

Indeed, [Archbishop] Léonard has already fallen foul of the homosexualist activist machinery. In 2008 some homosexualist activist groups in Belgium tried to have him charged under the 2003 anti-discrimination act after the bishop commented that homosexuality is a psycho-social disorder.

While the silent war against the altar goes on in fair Austria against a lone priest, things are at least looking good for the country of Belgium. We like his name and anticipate quite a battle.

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