Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie Legion that Mocks the Faith and Leads to Despair

It's a familiar theme brought to us by the perennial adolescents of hollywood, rebel bad-boy saves the human race inspite of the efforts of all the people with hang-ups who really bring everyone down with morals.

The movie itself is poorly done, and is practically a caricature of the idea that evil can be good. Ayn Rand in one of her rare moments of insight explained that evil is in the world because it can be portrayed as a good. It's along those lines that Hollywood media types have been working for as long as films have been made, to present the outsider, Prometheus, as the savior of mankind. It's a captivating and persuasive theme, but I can't imagine many people seeing this movie, which is really only a remake of flop Prophesy.

Tradition Family and Private Property

Sony offended millions of Americans with its blasphemous film, The Da Vinci Code. Now it is set to do the same with the movie, Legion and that’s why The American TFP is asking its members to protest this latest blasphemy.

Online Petition, here.

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