Monday, January 18, 2010

Linz Bishop Reacts to Father Wagner's Critique

[Linz kathnet]What is by now a familiar approach to situations like this, the Bishop of Linz, who opposed Father Gerhard's appointment in the first place to become the Auxillary Bishop of the Diocese had this to say about his ecclesiastical subject's remarks about there being an undeclared schism in the Austrian church:

Bishop Ludwig Schwarz refused to become "emotionally inflamed" by Father Wagner: "Onesided incriminations and lump sum suspicions do not help to strengthen unity."

He essentially ignores Father Wagner's criticisms and accuses Father of being opposed to unity, of being unfair and so on, while not actually giving him the benefit of an intelligent response. Clearly, this battle has been brewing beneath the surface since long before Father Wagner was appointed to become Auxilliary Bishop, and Bishop Ludwig is desperately trying to discredit Father Wagner and his all-too-true criticisms of the Austrian Church.

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Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

As all criticism from the pseudo heretics it can not deal with any real substance.