Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Latent Schism" and "silent Church division" in the Diocese of Linz

The Pastor of Windischgarstner has criticized the Diocese of Linz in an unsual way: And a disapproving hand wonders from far beyond our boarders about the grievance in Linz. [Father Wagner really does identify some serious problems which are not particular to Linz, but run throughout the Church.]

Christoph Hurnaus

[Kathnet] The Priest of Windischgarstner Gerhard Maria Wagner has worked the grievances in the Diocese Linz with open reflections into the programme guide of the festival for ancient music in a Vienna Concert Hall. "Yes, in the Catholic Church the powder is burning," declared the Pastor and said, that he is not the "divider" rather that he is only at the point of conflict. "Finally, it isn't because of me, rather about an inner-Church controversy, in which I had actually become embroiled."

To the apparent peace in the Diocese Wagner opined: "Problems are in plain view, solutions will be delayed (...). Actually the Church is silent and covers the body that lay in Her own cellar. And beneath a reproving hand marvels from far over our boarders over grievances in the Diocese of Linz."

The pastor is critical about the growing number of pastoral assistants, "who question the teaching authority of the Church and do not earnestly accept the moral teachings of the Catholic Church" This all leads to a "latent schism" and to a "silent Church division". Many priests and lay assistants would effect "revolution against Pope and Church".

Furthermore "vagus priests, like for example, a well-known university teacher, who is hardly active in ministry, have the say in the Diocese." For Wagner the pastoral assistant has become established in a "Parallelklerus", that in the final analysis "directly undermines the Priestly authority", because it is not clear, "Why anyone should still be a priest, when things really went so simply." Wagner also criticized that in many Parishes in the Diocese of Linz how the norms for the correct practice of the liturgy aren't followed.

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