Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fatima Vandalized with Islamic Symbols

It is possible that Muslims didn't do this, but if they did, they should be expelled wholesale from Portugal. Pehraps they don't like the ugly architecture which is more reminscent of vandalism than anything that's been done so far, like the pagan Hindu ritual approved by the rector a while back.

Now, THIS is vandalism:

[Portugal] In a press release Monday, officials from the shrine announced that in the early hours of Sunday morning, four statutes on the sides of the church as well as the church itself were painted with graffiti.

In the John Paul II Plaza, statutes of Popes John Paul II and Paul VI were painted. In the Pius XII Plaza, statues of Pope Pius XII and Bishop José Alves Correia da Silva were painted.

The graffiti includes the words “Islam,” “moon,” “sun,” “Muslim” and “mosque.”

According to the statement from shrine officials, “the difficult work of cleaning” is under way.

The communiqué added: “In reporting what has happened and without knowing who has done this, the shrine [officials] confirm [our] sadness and assure that the issue has been reported to the police.”

h/t james mary evans.

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