Friday, January 22, 2010

Discontent with Pope's Visit to England from "many" Anglicans

Surely, Scotland's Bishops aren't too happy about hosting Benedict. They're too busy doing everything but ensuring that their sheep know the Catholic Faith. Just what is it that they are enthused about besides banal liturgy and uninspiring leadership? Even the Anglicans aren't that hostile and Sky News is at a loss to drum up the kind of hostility John Paul II experienced from the Church of Scotland in 1982.

Are there really Anglicans who have taken the time out of their days being discontented with the Pope's visit? We don't think so.

There is discontent in some parts [Please name them] of the Anglican Church about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit later this year.

Many see the Pope as exploiting the invitation as an opportunity to sleight the history of the Church of England, which split from Rome in the 16th century.

Perhaps this would be the most sensible action of the Pope, at a time when the Church of England seems to be in difficulty. Last year, Benedict coaxed discontented Anglicans to quit and come over to his Roman Catholic denomination, which was regarded by some to be rude, at worse, and impolite, at best.


In 1982 some members of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly railed against John Paul as the “Anti-Christ”. Will there be demonstrations at the gates of Balmoral in September?

Probably not.

Nor is there likely to be much protest from Anglicans, who will probably be prayerful; just as the Archbishop of Canterbury always seems to be – no matter what happens.

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