Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cardinal Schönborn attacks Father Gerhard Wagner, an internet periodical that reports on Austrian news continues to engage, a conservative periodical favorable to Medjugorje, for their interview with Cardinal Schönborn on his birthday.

While Cardinal Schönborn allows and participates in Discomasses in Vienna, featuring crispy pancake "hosts", and soft pedals his embarrassing media-fiasco in Medjugorje, he attacks without naming, the rejected Auxiliary Bishop of Linz, Father Wagner, whom he blames for the massive exodus of Catholics from the Church along with Bishop Williamson and the economy. (It's the economy stupid)

The Cardinal mentioned "ideological" conflicts about Episcopal appointments as well: "If someone has the reputation of being conservative, one can be fairly certain that there will be a media protest."

It is also, however, "often the person himself" -- the Cardinal renews his attack on Father Wagner.

"One can and should not avoid all conflicts, but some conflicts require firstly, that we question them. But here we must look to the individual case."

As Kreuz opines here, "Perhaps it's better to anger stupid Neo-conservatives who are powerless than to anger the "Old Liberals", who possess the amassed power of the world media establishment."

Kreuz mentions that there will be two Disco "Masses" this Sunday in Vienna with the theme, "chase out the gray".

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Anonymous said...

This Cardinal is slowly revealing himself to be a wacko!