Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Social Worker Saying the Faith Doesn't Matter

Psst, he's from Notre Dame...

Forget Crucifixes: Catholic Identity Hinges on Catholic Social Teaching
By: Cesar J. Baldelomar

In his article “Benedict’s ongoing battle against secularism,” John L. Allen claims that European secular attacks on Catholicism led to Pope Benedict XVI’s recent controversial decisions to allow the Society of St. Pius X and conservative Anglicans into the Catholic fold.

Allen points to a recent court ruling as evidence that Europe has become overly secular. The European Court of Human Rights, based in Strasburg, “issued its ruling in response to a petition from an Italian woman named Soile Lautsi, who lives near Padua and who claimed that having crucifixes in the public school classrooms attended by her two children violates the church/state separation provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. The court agreed, awarding Lautsi 5,000 euros (roughly $7,400) in damages.”


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