Monday, December 14, 2009

That Fraud Called “Liberty”

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 11, 2009
In the public schools that are temples of the civic religion of secularism in the post-Christian West, schoolchildren imbibe a fairy tale.

According to the fairy tale, the downtrodden masses of the 18th and 19th centuries, “yearning to be free,” threw off the “tyranny of priests and kings” and established “government of the people” for the first time in human history, thus achieving the sacred Liberty for which — so the children are told incessantly — men have laid down their lives in countless wars.

But how is it that Liberty has meant more bloodshed than any king ever inflicted, including the French Revolutionary Wars, with their millions of victims, and the American Civil War, with 600,000 dead — the bloodiest civil war in human history up to that time?

How is it that Liberty has meant a level of taxation and government intrusion into daily life that the kings of old would have considered madness?

How is it that Liberty has meant less and less freedom for the good, the true and the beautiful, and more and more freedom for the bad, the false and the ugly, with each passing year?

And how is it that those who heap endless praise on Liberty do not seem to notice the vast pile of bodies sacrificed in its name, including hundreds of millions of unborn children, the victims of “reproductive choice”? (And let us not blame only the Supreme Court for the abortion holocaust, since abortion is more or less legal in all fifty states and every Western nation by the “will of the people.”)

Most Americans are unaware that Spain still has a king, Juan Carlos, who still has the right under the Spanish Constitution of 1978 to promulgate the laws passed by the Spanish parliament, without which the laws do not become effective. Yes, according to the fairy tale of Liberty, there is still a “tyrant” on a throne in Spain.

But how is it that that “tyrant” is himself the victim of tyranny? For by the “will of the people,” the Spanish parliament, under the socialist Zapatero government, has enacted a liberal abortion law, and the king is now expected either to sign it or abdicate.

Yes, the “tyrant” must bend to the “will of the people” and authorize the mass murder of innocents, or else abandon his “tyrannical” throne, so that the killing can begin in the name of Liberty.

As LifeSiteNews observes, however (December 7, 2009), Juan Carlos the “tyrant” is too weak to stand up to the forces that demand the shedding of innocent blood. While “Prominent Spanish Catholics are calling on the king to refuse to sign the law,” Juan Carlos has already signed into law the “gay marriage” legislation enacted by the Zapatero government, stating: “I’m not the king of Belgium.”

Juan Carlos was referring to the “tyrant” King Baudouin of Belgium, who in 1990 (as LifeSiteNews notes) “temporarily renounced his throne rather than sign his country’s law liberalizing abortion.” Then there is that “tyrant” Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, “who refused last year [2008] to sign the duchy’s law legalizing euthanasia and who may be stripped of his constitutional powers as a result.”

And this is the “freedom” from the “tyranny of kings and priests” that we are expected to celebrate as our “leaders” tax us, regulate us, wage war after war, and oppress us in a hundred ways no king of Christendom would even have dreamed of imposing on his subjects.

Behold the fraud called “Liberty”, whose very essence is a negation of the true freedom of which Our Lord — the King of all creation — spoke: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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