Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Msgr Andrew Faley Whinges Pathetically About Anglicanorum Coetibus

Msgr. Andrew Faley isn't very happy. He's like a liberal priest in confession confronted with a penitent who believes in personal sin, and then pops out the word "rigidity" to describe the man's ailments. He wasn't too happy either with Summorum Pontificum and he's been aware of this as a possibility for some time, fighting a rearguard action against the inevitable course he must have foreseen in 2007 when he said this to an interviewer at Churches Together:

The bishops were always aware that it wasn’t a good enough reason for a man who was a former Anglican, became Catholic and wished to be considered for the Catholic priesthood, to do so because he didn’t approve of women as priests. That’s not the issue. [It's a pretty big issue] The issue is clearly to do with what it means to belong to the universal church and the decisions made within a particular church, in this case, the Anglican Church, to ordain women to the priesthood. That decision is much more deeply ingrained as a reason for the deeper reflection that it stirred in Catholics, Anglicans and other Christians as to what it means to belong to a Church that believes itself to be universal, in communion through the bishops with the Holy Father as the first among equals.

So, he has a long and established pedigree working for the liberal wing of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and like Archbishop Vincent Nichols, is eager to demonstrate his displeasure at the fact by making passive aggressive jabs like this:

Discontented Anglicans who convert must not become a "sect" within the Roman Catholic Church, a senior Catholic clergyman dealing with church unity has warned.

Anglicans who object to plans for women bishops are considering the Vatican's invitation to become part of a special section - an "ordinariate" - within the church in England and Wales.

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