Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lutheran Pastor Bemoans Departures from Doctrine and "Orthodoxy"

A Lutheran pastor bemoans the increasing liberalism in his church, he laments the primacy of subjective personal opinion and the farce of authority. Perhaps this is not only the effect of the Protestant Revolt, but the philosophic nominalism which gave birth to it.

The recent trouble in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is not about sex; it’s about infidelity:

The ELCA has removed the Scriptures as the primary authority for salvation and Christian living. It has removed any authority of the Lutheran Confessions for teaching the faith.

The ELCA has failed to honor its own bylaws. Many bishops have coerced approved candidates for ordination into accepting allegiance to the historic episcope. Many bishops have failed to enforce the vision and expectations standards for ethical behavior of our clergy.

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