Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holy Father Accepts Irish Bishop's Resignation

ROME — The Vatican on Thursday accepted the resignation of an Irish bishop who had been criticized in a scathing report by the Irish government on systematic child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests.

The same day, the Vatican also defrocked a contentious African former bishop, Emmanuel Milingo, 79, of Zambia, known for performing exorcisms and advocating a married clergy, to prevent him from continuing to ordain priests.

In a one-sentence statement issued Thursday, the Vatican said that the pope had accepted the resignation of the bishop of Limerick, Donal Brendan Murray, 69, under a provision that allows bishops to step down before the mandatory retirement age of 75 if they are considered “unsuited” to the job.

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Anonymous said...

At least in Ireland there are still consequences for aiding and abetting child molesters.

The United States has yet to see a bishop 'spontaneously' retire - no American prelate has done so unless prompted by legal action.