Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News Roundup! Pope to Revise 83' Code of Canon Law

It has been mentioned that in addition to working out some of the details of meeting the Anglicans and moving them in an orderly fashion to the Barque of Peter, there is talk about a revision of the 1983 Code of Canon law, which is in great need of revision, clarity and decisiveness.

More proof that liberalism is evil and does nothing but leave behind a wasteland like what T.S. Elliot warned us of. What's even "better" is that this was once one of the most Catholic places outside of the Archdiocese of Rome and Holland (another place liberals had their way with). Trenchent and malevolent liberalism was fueled into this most Catholic region like a persistent nerve agent whose purpose it was to make it so poisonous to Catholics that one couldn't be found anywhere, except perhaps in crowded SSPX Chapels in remote and hidden recesses in lonely Quebec.

Milwaukee Archbishop tells cultural Catholics they can't be pro-abortion, pro-contraception and Catholic.

Wyoming Bishop withdraws and leaves open yet another possibillity for another woman Bishop. That's good.

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