Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Styrian Hands out Turkeys in Fresno

The worthy Styrian, Arnold Swarzenegger, in a gesture reminescent of the Hapsburgs of old, comes to hand out food to the poor at Catholic Charities with his encouraging peasant grin and kind words. Such displays are expected of public figures, but not all public gestures are heartless and cynical. Gifted, public men should set a good example by selfless, if public, acts of charity; still, we were really taken by the good natured, hearty magnanimity of the Styrian. He has always been a charming, sometimes kindly, if scandalous, presence in American life, but his kind gesture is a worthy immitation of better men whose legends he must have learned as a child living in the night time of the Kingdom of the Danube.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Governor Schwarzenegger was back in the Valley to lend a hand at a holiday food giveaway the day before Thanksgiving.

His visit comes as the number of families in need of public assistance continues to grow. The number of Fresno County residents on food stamps has jumped 84-percent in the last four years.

Governor Schwarzenegger greeted families who patiently waited outside Catholic Charities on Wednesday. They carted off enough food for a holiday meal, including turkey and vegetables.

Balloons for the kids helped raised the spirits of families who face gloomy times.

Olivia Calistro of Fresno said, "There's not a lot of work. Me and my husband we're on a fixed income, whatever he brings in. All the holiday food helps."

The governor said, "They all know tomorrow will be a day of eating and they will not be left out."

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