Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christian Brothers Ordered to Pay 161m Euros

Rather than reorganizing or disbanding the order, the assets will be confiscated by the government. This is by far the most open admission of guilt on the part of a religious order that we've ever seen, unfortunately, the root problem of heterodoxy won't be addressed while the Church loses influence and property. Generally speaking, the Church has a better record in all of this than the Government, and things like this further push the Church out of Her role as the protector of the poor and the nursemaid of Christendom.

[BBC News] A Catholic religious order is to supply a 161m euros (£145m) package of measures as reparation for child abuse in Ireland.

The Christian Brothers said the decision had been taken in response to the Ryan report which revealed decades of abuse at religious institutions.

The report, published in May, laid out a picture of systematic abuse.

In a statement the order said its move followed its "shame and sorrow at the findings of the Ryan Report".

"We understand and regret that nothing we say or do can turn back the clock for those affected by abuse," the statement continued.

"Our fervent hope is that the initiatives now proposed will assist in the provision of support services to former residents of the institutions as well as the facilities, resources and scope to protect, cherish and educate present and future generations of children."

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