Monday, October 26, 2009

"Ratzinger Blitzkriegs Protestants." Are you Sure?

It's so great that others are fully perceiving the greatness and decisiveness of this bold master stroke as Der Panzerpapst has effectively drawn attention to the teetering structure of Anglican Catholicism while opening a door to disaffected Traditional Anglicans who can no longer find a home in the toxic atmosphere of the CoE. This article by an writer at the Trumpet, however, is willing to view Cardinal Kasper's sidelining as an accidental oversight. It takes away the contrast between two respective and irreconcilable approaches to Ecumenism, one faltering and indecisive and the other reminiscent of the Great Commission.

Did Benedict’s seeming undue haste [He can't be bold and in undue haste at the same time] to make this announcement perhaps have bearing on the reason why the German Cardinal Kasper was in Cyprus? Was it timed to send a signal to the Eastern Orthodox hierarchy that the pope is ready to make similar concessions to the Orthodox community if they capitulate to Rome? After all, Kasper was Johnny on the spot to assess their reaction to this dramatic announcement to then be in a position to report that reaction firsthand to Benedict upon his return to Rome from Nicosia.

Everything else is idle speculation and definitely an indication that there was far more hope of re-union with the Traditional Anglicans than there is with the Orthodox who, while being positive to these overtures and willing to discuss, are far less sanguine to the ecumenicism of engagement and more hesitant to reunite.

The Trumpet, for those of you who might not know is a publication produced in Philadelphia by The Church of God.

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