Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New Benedictines of Norcia

The New Benedictines of Norcia are restablishing a Monastic presence which has been absent for some time now. Founded in Rome in 1998, they reestablished themselves in the home of St. Benedict in Norcia in 2000. They have about ten men presently under the leadership of Massachusets born, Father Cassian. Most are Americans but they are hoping and praying for their first Italian vocation.

They only celebrate the Old Rite and live a very austere life. For more information and interest in vocations, contact:

By Mail Monastero di San Benedetto Via Reguardati, 22 06046 Norcia (PG) Italy
Tel: 39 0743 817125
Fax: 39 0743 828425
Email: monastero@osbnorcia.org

Please send all personal coorespondence directly to the monastery.
United States Foundation Address: SEDES SAPIENTIAE FOUNDATION 511 Kearsarge Mountain Road Warner, New Hampshire 03278 Telephone: (845) 633-2819


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