Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Losing's a Habit and the Jesuits are Losing

The financially and spiritually troubled Oregon Catholic Province of the Society of Jesus is continuing the irresponsible pattern it has historically maintained in recent decades with regard to the men it chooses to fill its ranks. Despite institutional countermeasures to address the problem, the Jesuit Province still still finds novices who exhibit strong indications that they will be prolems in the future. This Jesuit province in the already troubled Catholic Northwest has settled 25 Million Dollars in claims since 2001 and the morally struggling order is now filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, according to Catholic News Service.

Meet Cormac Brissett who's a novice in that province.

He signed a protest in defense of public lewdness in a circular letter posted on-line by an apologist for pederasty, William A. Percy, in No to Sexophobia (May 3, 1995) with one of the founding members of NAMBLA.

It's hard to believe that Mr. Brissett's opinions are a passing fancy, he's penned articles for Lavender Magazine, and intereviewed another pederastic intellectual,Edmund White, without the slightest criticism.

It would be more surprising that Mr. Brissett would give up his unnatural tastes and intellectual defense of them than that the Jesuit order will perform due dilligence on its candidates for priesthood.


Al said...

Is that an introduction to the new novices or the webpage for a dating service???? No wonder they are in trouble. they deserve it.

N said...

We should call the Jesuit Oregon province and protest.

Jason said...

I heard about this one guy, he would brag about his promiscuous and lascivious lifestyle, he abused his family's wealth and position to get out of legal trouble, when he was in the military he intentionally endangered the lives of the men in his battalion and of the people in the town where he was based because, (and he admitted this!), he wanted the fame and recognition it would bring. Then he changed his name so people wouldn't identify him and he entered the Jesuits! Italy province, I think. It's outrageous! The Jesuits couldn't be bothered with a background check on creeps like this, who should never be allowed near a seminary!

Tancred said...

That's pretty clever, Jason, but hardly proves your point. St. Ignatius was a soldier who had a mission to accomplish, there was nothing criminal in that, every combat leader risks the lives of his men.

Inigo was also very brave, but he never wrote articles defending pederasty or public lewdness with other men.

Canon Law is the rule here, not your misdirected or naive charity.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits have fully embraced the "Spirituality of the Bath House". From God's Marines to Tea Room Cruisers in just one generation.

Anonymous said...

What a nasty piece of work this blog is. Your desire to slander and defame drips through your preachy rhetoric. In the interest of fairness: have you written anything on the Legionaries of Christ? They've had some minor difficulties.

Secondly, for someone with such a rich knowledge of all things Church and all things Jesuit, might it occur to you to check the date on the Company magazine to which you are referring, and note that it reads "Newcomers 2006" -- that is, three years ago. You, being an expert in the faith, if not on calendars, would of course know that the Society of Jesus has a two-year long novitiate. Thus, he is either now under vows, or has left the Society. But he is no longer a novice, as you present him to be here. Maybe there are some older issues of Company magazine from the 1990s which you might want to go sniffing through in search of novices against whom you can swing your moral thurifer?

And I love how you quote Musil on the side. As if a writer of Musil's temperament and sensibility would have anything to do with the low, gutter Catholicism on display here.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the author of this blog has not slandered Mr. Brissett. Mr. Brissett has taken his first vows and is living in Chicago. You are correct when you stated that Mr. Brissett is no longer a novitiate.

That being said, do you not see it as problematic that a man who had a known association with the founder of NAMBLA, will one day be ordained a Jesuit Priest? It is obvious from the petition (Say no to Sexaphobia) that these men knew each other, and were probably friends. What about the fawning interview Mr. Brissett conducted with Edmund White back in 2002?

I don't suppose you celebrate the "Spirituality of the Bath House" as the Jesuits do, or do you? Does it not bother you in the least that this type of filth is being tolerated by the once mighty "God's Marines"? More like God's Marines to Tea Room Queens.

Tancred said...

Dear Anon December 1, Of course since you have a vested interest, it would be in your best interest to conceal or obscure the fact that the Jesuits don't have very good due diligence when investigating new members; unless they're orthodox, but then you find all kinds of excuses to exclude. Perhaps it's the sin of pride that prevents the Society from admitting they were wrong by retaining such a squerillous men in their company, or perhaps men like Mr. Brissett are what they want. We would like to say that he is the exception, but no, he is rather the rule and judging from your haughty writing style and your esteem for "culture", you consider yourself quite a fey, gay blade yourself.

We'll conclude by pointing out that Robert Musil wasn't Catholic at all; we have little doubt that you both have that in common.