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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Russian State Television Blames Black Violence on Police

Black (Somali?) looters destroying parts of Atlanta on May 29th
Edit: As Aleksei Balabanov's gangster film Brat 2 ended on Soviet state TV on June 7, instead of the rolling credits, there were scenes of black mob violence complete with commentary against police violence to a song by Nautillus Pompillus, "Good Bye, America."  It's interesting that in a film which unapologetically portrayed black violence and criminality in Chicago, that Pravda would continue to perpetuate the programmatic narrative that this is about police violence, especially when ethnic minorities are still treated poorly in the Soviet Union.  As Pravda notes, it's not like they could ask Balabanov if he approved of the cynical manipulation of his work for a propaganda narrative.  Balabanov died in 2013.

Some anti-Putinists see this as a government ploy

The Clip even shows Russia One journalist,  Georgy Olisashvili, marching with the protesters and castigating the United States with the same narrative. 

Meanwhile, someplace in the Russian Federation.
[Pravda] A cheap dig at the United States or a fine example of the art of trolling?
As Russia’s Channel One ended its prime-time screening of the 2000 Russian crime film Brat 2 (Brother 2) on June 7, viewers across the country -- instead of the closing credits -- were treated to a video compilation of looting and police violence on the streets of U.S. cities, all apparently filmed during the ongoing period of unrest that was sparked by the May 25 killing while in police custody of unarmed African-American George Floyd.
“The key values of the Free World are shattering under the blows of police batons,” a voiceover then says, as the music fades into the background. “And burning in the flames of looted stores and drowning in the fury of an uncompromising standoff.” [Are we supposed to forget Balabanov's accurate portrayal of black criminality in Chicago c. 2000?]