Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Was Mike Pence Extorted into Betraying America?

By David Martin

On January 6, Vice President Mike Pence voiced his decision not to challenge contested electors during the electoral vote certification, thereby allowing Congress to confirm Joe Biden’s electoral “win” that was gained through fraud. Pence argued that he does not have the “authority" to interfere with the electoral vote.

His rationale holds no water. Pence's duty was to reject the electoral vote if he knew it was fraudulent, which he did. He of all people has seen the abundant evidence of voter fraud that has surfaced since the Nov. 3 election. 

Mike Pence’s decision to suddenly buckle and stab President Trump in the back seems to indicate he was targeted by extortionists. According to investigative reporter and FBI witness 1 Timothy Holmseth, Pence has a history of involvement with child-trafficking and reports from the past confirm his complicity in this. 

If the allegations are true, the socialist deep-state could easily play their advantage at a critical moment such as now and extort Pence if he didn't do their bidding to betray Donald Trump. They could smear his reputation and threaten to bring his political success to an end. 

If the charge is true, it is highly unlikely that the deep-state wouldn't use this to their advantage. Was Pence's failure to honor the integrity of the election a simple case of cowardly betrayal or was he blackmailed into not contesting the electoral vote? 

Pence Implicated in Letter

On December 17, 2017, Holmseth sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions warning him to beware of VP Pence after a Minnesota court ruled on international child trafficking evidence. Therein Pence is implicated in crimes against the young, after which Holmseth concludes by saying: "President Donald Trump would be well advised to proceed with an abundance of caution regarding any trust he might place in Michael Pence."

Clearly, Trump would have never chosen Mike Pence as his running mate if he had known of these allegations, since he of all people would have foreseen how this would put his administration in danger.

Bribery Suspected 

In addition to his buckling under threats, it appears that the billionaire Koch brothers who are anti-Trump and who have business interests in China bribed Mike Pence into not opposing the electoral vote. Pence’s close affiliation with the Koch brothers is no secret and is well documented. 

We can only pray that Pence will repent and honor the truth of the 2020 election without regard for threats he might receive. He calls himself “pro-life” yet he signed off the lives of millions of babies to save his own skin. He calls himself an “American patriot” yet he handed this country over to socialist Biden and opened the door to America’s capitulation to a communistic one-world government.

Recapping the Fake Election 

On November 3, 2020, America reelected Donald J. Trump but Biden stole election from Trump. Pro-Trump votes were not counted in full while hundreds of thousands of fake pro-Biden ballots were smuggled in and counted after hours, coupled with the fact that cheaters were given the opportunity to vote multiples times using other people’s names because corrupt election officials didn’t verify voter IDs at the polls. Heaps of evidence gathered by the best of attorneys proves that this and much more contributed to Biden’s “victory,” that fraud played the major part in Election 2020, yet Pence in traitorous fashion betrayed the truth and certified the fake electoral vote on January 6, 2021. 

The least Pence could do right now is to repent and admit he has “sinned in betraying innocent blood.” His honesty would be a wholesome penance for crimes committed and could perhaps offer a ray of hope for Americans who will continue the good fight to save this country from falling under the rule of global despots. 

1. Timothy Holmseth is the news reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, which was created through The White House and Presidential Executive Order to provide actionable intelligence to the U.S. Military through Joint Special Operations Command. 








James said...

You are reading too much into Pence's actions.
Extortion is not involved.
A run for the Presidency in 2024 IS involved.
Men run on the fuel of pride.

Kevin Hunter said...

Pence is a small, a very small, part of an immense international political machine with the goal of a one-world government run in service of a financial elite.
Trump was a part of that elite but he allowed his love of country and loyalty to it to overcome his sense of self preservation. He thought that he could find others like himself... he was wrong. Pence knows which side of his toast has the jam and he isn't letting it fall to the floor. He knows his place.
The job of the democrats is to change things for the socialist/big-government worse.
The job of the republicants is to feign outrage and do nothing when they inadvertently have the opportunity to reverse course.
Pence is simply maintaining that no longer needed facade by asserting his "loyalty" to a Constitution he has no desire to support.
Both parties are working in collusion towards the same goal.
Remember the Trump poster: "They're coming after you, I'm in their way."

Prayerful said...

Mike Pence wants a clear shot at 2024. Being a good boy and nodding through the steal is part of the bargain.

Constantine said...

I'm surprised that if the "pedephile" accusations were real, then why the Democrats, with all their years of false charges and attacks, did not bring this issue about Pence up.
There is no doubt, that a VP Penance intervention would hsve tore up the Constitution.Because it would have exposed the defect it has from its conception. Namely, the assumption that we live in a society that is fairly uniform, wuth a fairly uniform morality, with mostly only economic issues in contention; That we, as Americans, can put aside petty Protestant differences,and keep Catholics too concerned and fragmented, with everyday financial and family problems,from getting involved in agitating for a Catholic State. As time went on, immigration and civil war, changed the population. And then came the Church condemnations against Liberalism, meaning the condemnations against the declared moral right that people can pick and choose to EXPRESS any morality and religion they chose, and the right to a separate Catholic institution from other secular and nonReligious institutions. And Catholics were exhorted by Popes, mostly through encyclicals,to be hostile toward Masonry, and for the laiety to actively participate in working for a Catholic State. Then came the encyclical "Rerum Novarum". Catholic labour unions. Catholic Teacher's Unions, a Catholic Press, Catholic Charities."Separate but Equal", but the Catholic agencies, unions, charities, press were unequaled in excellence. Until Vatican II came and the outside world was allowed to infiltrate the Church. The Church's goals were obscured, and the unions, schools, and associations became indistinguishable from nonCatholics.
We need a new awakening. But not a dependence on a Constitution. Pence, like so many politicians, have made a comfortable life in politics. But they also have made their country, government, State, culture and economy in a Security Blanket. They live in their security, confort and habit. But like the rich young man, he could not throw away all that he has to follow Christ. All Nations and Constitutions rise and fade. It is haughty hubris to think otherwise. The Church is the Constitution. The only real Constutution that never dies. That teaches all how to live with each other; That lays the rules and groundwork for all Truth.

JBQ said...

@Prayerful: No problem here. Pence is a "lite weight". He is a "mouse" when it will take a lion in 2024.---I wish to broach the subject of Joe Manchin for discussion. He is Catholic and from West Virginia with its coal mining populace. He has callouses on his hands.---Once the illegal aliens get the right to vote, it is all over for the Republicans. Manchin could be a start at slowing the "red tide". I know that he won't switch parties but he could become a "blue dog" in key situations to block the 50-50 and Kamala. Nevertheless on the other side lie Romney and Collins. Right now, it looks pretty dire for anyone with a moral backbone.---It is looking more and more that the true nature of the Third Secret is coming to pass.

Miles Christi resístens said...

And to think that Pence was a “Born Again Christian”, moralist person... Now it all makes sense.

Unknown said...

Let's not forget that Pence dumped the Catholic Church for political advantage.

He's a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Pence is an Apostate.
He goes where it is convenient and advantageous to him. Period.

David Martin said...

Re: Constantine: It's a matter of timing, like a political chess game. The Democrats indeed would have smeared Pence had he not certified the pro-Biden vote, they saved it for this moment. He certified the vote so they won't use this against him now. If he runs in 2024 he'll be their man (fake "Republican") so there will be no need to use it against him even then.

David Martin said...

P.S. Actually, there will be reason to use Pence's pedophile connection against him in 2024 because they'll have someone even worse lined up to run against him. So between now and then the'll say nothing, but at the critical moment when the campaign is on they'll throw this in his face, just as they would have thrown it in his face had he rejected the electoral vote.

Kevin Hunter said...

The republicans are just the "place holders" for the democrats.
The democrats some despicable legislation, the republcans complain like their pants are on fire and swear they will move God's earth to change things if they are elected.
They get elected and they do nothing but mark time until the voters getbtired of them and elect democrats.
Then they complain again....

Kevin Hunter said...

Pence didn't need to be extorted to betray America.
He's one of those who do it for free.

Anonymous said...

Is Vice President Pence considered an apostate or schismatic Catholic?

Kevin Hunter said...

Some of the leftwingnut's comments are so inane as to be almost humorous... except that they are both very sad and frightening.

Kevin Hunter said...

"Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Was Mike Pence Extorted into Betraying America?":
Is Vice President Pence considered an apostate or schismatic Catholic?"

Mike Pence is considered a politician.

Unknown said...

I would think V.P. Michael Pence's conscience should be bothering him, he is a traitor who handed our country over to those global depots, he either received a big paycheck, thought they wpuld smear his reputation or feared for his own life!